Friday, September 26, 2008

Quizarena - Harry potter - The birth

Phew.... finally we have the URL ready!!! Great ain't it, the QuizArena moves one step ahead and steps into the theme based quiz. We finally completed the questions for the second Quiz and these questions have been arranged as pages on the internet. Yes friends!! Our Quiz based on this magical world of harry potter is ready to hit you all!!

Its been a long time, almost 2 months when we went through the same kind of feeling, it was the first quiz - QuizArena at that time. And before i actually proceed with anything more, i must say that i want to thank all you ppl for sharing your comments and feedback with us. We received some 33.5K page visits from across various countries and an overwhelming response which actually inspired us to go for another quiz!! Kudos to the genius Ankur who has the stamina to sit for hours and explore new technologies and solve puzzles with the similar effort with which i eat pizza .. :D. I dont know how he manages to do that.

hmm... 41 questions including the horcrux stages which marks the entry into the next levels with the stages defined as charms easy to tough to unforgivable ones, there is a lot this time which isnt obvious at the first look but uncovers itself once you start playing the quiz. There are certain stages where you wont find any question in particular, it contains only the visuals, which might bring some memories back to your mind, So open up the locks of the gates, say Alohomora aloud!!! And welcome to the game. The URL being ur wand, put the right charm or answer what ever comes to your mind, and then proceed to the search of the seven horcruxes and destroy them. There will be a lot of things which will unfold and i hope we might appear to make more sense in our next blog.

Me and Ankur had an awesome time making this quiz, after work, long mid night sessions and then calling up at 3AM to celebrate some success!! It sure is fun. With a tea cup in my hand in bangalore, and probably a tea cup in his hand in hyderabad, we worked on the same page. I Don't think so distance actually matters when the goal is there. Kudos to us :P

Well now when the application is up and running, i guess in another day or two of sanity check (Sorry for the lingo, i adopted it from my office) we shall be sending it across to you all.
Thanks a lot of your support for quizarena, we look for a similar support for the QuizArena - Harry Potter.

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